Brief Overview of Services

Shore Packaging Solutions is a full service packaging, assembly and fulfillment company offering competitive prices, quality work and dependable service to Chicago area industry. Our services have included, but are not limited to:

Automated Shrink Packaging
Our Shanklin A-27A is among the best, most reliable machines in the business. We have unique after market adaptations on our machine that give us the ability to offer very competitive pricing on shrink-wrap applications. We have packaged CDs, DVDs, and paper products of all kinds. We have the ability to process a variety of sizes at speeds up to 35 packages per minute. Our sealer is designed to seal polyolefin, polyethylene and PVC shrink film.
Poster Rolling
No poster is too small or too large to roll. We have rolled posters for sporting events and promotions, and can use a variety of methods to package the posters, including: paper band, rubber band or polybagging methods. We have the ability to roll the posters in a manual or automated method.
Collation of Printed Material
Sell sheets, binders for training, catalogs that require inserts, mailings. We have served the print industry with many product finishing tasks.
Hardware kits, promotions and giveaways, paper products, nightlights, packaging materials and corrugated products have all been bagged by work trainees. We have used polybags, zip lock bags, cello, shrink bags, and self-seal applications. We can seal any bag using a trim seal, or with a lip.
Display Assembly
POP displays for drywall products manufacturers, shipping supplies distributors, and paper products manufacturers, we have done it all. POP displays can increase your product’s visibility, and we can help with your assembly.
Heat Sealing
We have two rotary heat sealers, many impulse bag sealers, and two semi-automatic l-bar sealers, in addition to our Shanklin automatic sealer. We can seal any poly bag after filling it for you.
Repair and Salvage
If you have a problem with an overseas manufacturer, we are here to help you to repair the problem.
Address labeling or product ID labeling is no problem.
This can be a labor-intensive task. Let us do your sorting. We have sorted pens, metal parts and fasteners.
Premium Assembly
Do you have an incentive or a gift for your customers that you need assembled? We can do that.
Many distributors need to repackage products from a bulk orientation to smaller quantities, and we can help.
Vocational Training Program
A vocational training program is a program of rehabilitation through job training, with a future goal of obtaining employment in the community.
The act of combining parts of a whole to complete a product or project. We can assemble any product that involves human labor. We can also help you to coordinate services from various parts of the supply chain to generate your products, all at excellent pricing.
Delivering a product to a customer. Our facility has two full size loading docks, and can accommodate any size trailer. We can ship by any method, and will help to expedite shipments when necessary.
Product Finishing
Our service can help you to get your shrink-wrap packaging, polybagging, kit building and POP display assembly done at great prices, with excellent attention to detail.

With 36,000 square feet of warehouse space, two full size dock doors, and both electric and LDG lift trucks, Shore can handle any size trailer and most size jobs.

One of Shore’s goals is to provide employment to the population we support. Maximizing our trainee’s earning potential through vocational and developmental training while providing excellent contract packaging and assembly services to organizations like yours.

Shore Packaging Solutions can help fulfill your needs:

  • Looking for a supplement to your workforce or a stable workforce for long-term projects? By contracting with Shore, your business will have a readily available labor force.
  • Avoid tying up costly skilled labor on jobs that don’t require specialization.
  • We provide production flexibility needed to handle: seasonal work overflows, rush jobs and special projects.

We are local and responsive so you always have an accountable and immediate source for your packaging needs. Shore Packaging Solutions keeps a sharp focus on quality controls and shipping schedules. Please request a quote online or contact us for a free estimate to discuss how we can assist your organization.

We provide the production flexibility needed to handle:

  • Seasonal work
  • Overflows
  • Rush jobs
  • Special projects

We can help you avoid hidden manufacturing costs:

  • Workman’s Compensation Costs
  • Federal and state income taxes
  • Health and life insurance costs
  • Social Security costs
  • & more



Joseph Koenig, Sr. Training Center
8035 Austin Avenue
Morton Grove, IL 60053
Phone: 847-581-0200 ext. 212
Fax: 847-581-0078

Please consider including Shore Community Services in your will and estate planning.