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Community Employment

Welcome to Community Employment at Shore’s Joseph Koenig, Sr. Training Center

Our program is a partnership that brings together competent workers and area businesses.  Shore supported employees work in a variety of industries  and report high levels of job satisfaction and on-the-job longevity.

Our programs are:

  1. Job counseling and placement
  2. Supported employment
  3. Ticket to Work

Community Employment Services:

This program places individuals with disabilities into employment in community businesses throughout the north Chicagoland area.  For more information, contact (847)581-0200.

  • Program involves a careful match of employee abilities and job requirements.
  • A professional job developer provides on-site training to enhance the employee’s skills.
  • Follow-up consultation is available to both employee and employer to ensure quality performance.
  • Services are provided at no cost to the companies.

Overall objectives of the Supported Employment program include:

  • Group and Individual Discovery for evaluation and assessment of individual job preferences, strengths, skills and conditions of employment
  • Assistance with identifying job opportunities
  • Customized employment for optimal job match
  • Interview and job fair preparation, transportation and support
  • Job coaches that train along with the employee and provide ongoing, on-site support
  • Coordination between employee and employers, families and other agencies
  • Vocational skills training, goals and program plans

Ticket to work: Shore’s Joseph Koenig, Sr. Training Center is an Employment Network (EN) for the Ticket to Work Program, which provides most people receiving Social Security benefits (beneficiaries) more choices for receiving employment services.  Under this program, the Social Security Administration (SSA) issues tickets to eligible beneficiaries who, in turn, may choose to assign those tickets to an EN of their choice to obtain employment services, vocational rehabilitation services or other support services necessary to achieve a vocational (work) goal.  The EN, if they accept the ticket, will coordinate and provide appropriate services to help the beneficiary find and maintain employment.  If you have a Ticket and are interested in being considered for assistance with gaining community employment, call Anni Braverman, Rehabilitation Coordinator, at (84)581-0200 ext. 33 or at


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