molly3Program Description:

Child Home Based Support Services are provided to families and individuals  with an intellectual or other developmental disability who have received an Illinois Department of Human Services award letter that states that they have access to funding for services provided by the Home-Based Support Program (HBS).

Services Funded by the HBS Program include:
  • Service Facilitation
  • Personal Support Work
  • Developmental Training
  • Supported Employment

Service Facilitation:

  • Provides a facilitator to assist families in identifying and accessing the services of the HBS program and understanding what the HBS program offers.
  • Develops an Individual Service Plan (ISP) with the interdisciplinary team which describes the services, programming and objectives which will be worked on throughout the year.
  • Monitors services and programming regularly to make sure they are being implemented per the ISP and continue to be appropriate and effective for the individual.
  • Linkage to other services and support.
  • Assist families to connect with a personal support worker.
  • Additional case management services as needed.

How to Apply:

Contact: Uma Muppidi, Senior Director of Residential Services
Phone: 847-982-2030 x 230
Fax: 847-982-2039

Intake Process

  • The PAS Agency will contact Shore and send a referral packet.
  • Family then contacts Shore.
  • Service Facilitator conducts a home visit and completes required documents.